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作者: yueyrt1KcX    時間: 2017-10-26 17:35     標題: Brian Poole Falcons Jersey Georgetown

…used old Georgetown trickTwo thieves who attempted to rob a female employee of the ‘Stretch D Dollar’ store in New Amsterdam are now in police custody,cheap jerseys paypal, after they were nabbed by public-spirited citizens who responded to the woman’s pleas for help after she refused to let go of the bag she was carrying.According to eyewitnesses, the woman was allegedly on her way to Scotiabank in Strand, New Amsterdam,Cheap NFL Jerseys, when she was accosted by two well-dressed young men.The men have since been identified as Delon Holder, 24, of 3814 North Ruimveldt,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Georgetown; and Dexter Gibson,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 21, of Charlestown.One of the men approached the woman,China NFL Jerseys, asked her where she was going, and told her that he wanted his phone and would deal with her when she gets home. His friend came up and they braced the woman to a car and started to beat her and attempted to take away a bag she was carrying.The woman started to scream, which attracted persons in the vicinity. A security guard at a nearby establishment immediately rushed to the woman’s assistance and apprehended one of the men – amidst his protestations that the woman was “his girl” and that he was just “roughing her up”.The other man tried to escape but was apprehended by other passersby,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, among them a licenced firearm owner. The police were summoned and responded promptly.“The woman raised an alarm and public-spirited persons responded. They pursued and caught the two men who were handed over to the police,” a police release noted.The two men are likely to appear in court today.The owner of the establishment told this publication that he is happy that no one was hurt and is thankful to the public for the assistance and the police for their prompt response.

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